Do you want to get your Concealed Weapon Permit?

Concealed Weapon Products provides a 3 hour class for getting a Concealed Weapon Permit in the State of Florida.  This training teaches safety, firearms familiarization, and Florida State Statutes.

Our instructor is certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and has been a firearms instructor for over 20 years. You will receive a higher quality of information from this class than those offered at gun shows or gun shops.  We dont throw a video in and leave.  Our first hour is firearms familiarization and SAFETY, the second hour is a review of Florida State Statute 790, which is the laws about carrying a concealed weapon, and the third hour is a review of Florida State Statute 776, which is about the justifiable use of deadly force.

Do you have your Concealed Weapon Permit? Are you SURE of the laws about carrying and using that weapon? Did you go to a “quickie” concealed class? Can you correctly answer these three questions?
With a permit, can you carry a weapon into a bank?
With a permit, can you carry a weapon into a pharmacy?
With a permit, can you carry a weapon into a place that serves alcohol?
If you have a permit and you can’t answer these questions, you need to be at our next CWP class.

Upon completion of the class, you get a certificate that you can then take to the Agriculture Department in Jacksonvile where they will take your picture, fingerprint you and submit your Carry Permit Application.

Don’t have time to attend a class?   Why not have a “Permit Party”? This is becoming a great trend with Concealed Weapon Products. We can conduct the course at almost any location including the comfort of your own home.

When you invite friends to attend the course with you, it makes for a fun learning experience. People who host “Permit Parties” are finding that it is much more fun sitting with friends than sitting with strangers. Some even have their friends bring covered dishes to snack on before the class and during the breaks.

If you gather a group of 10 friends together, and we have the “Permit Party” at your house, church, or other meeting area, you get your concealed weapon permit course for free. That is a $50.00 savings. If you get 20 people to attend the “Permit Party”, you get a second persons course for free.

Why not get your friends together and host a party soon.

If you have a group of 10 or more people, and/or wish to have training at YOUR location, or need concealed permit training for a church or organization, please contact us at 904-813-3508 or

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